Cheapest Wine

Leslie needs to break up with Ben, but she needs to order a bottle of wine. She choses the cheapest because she can’t tell the difference.


Ben is Batman

Donna and Tom take Ben on a “Treat Yo Self” day and ask him what he would buy if he could buy anything. Ben decides he wants a Batman costume.

Work is Third

Leslie lists the most important things in life: friends, waffles, and work. She has trouble ranking friends and waffles, but she knows work is third. Transitivity is an important component of utility maximization.

All the Bacon and Eggs

Ron isn’t happy with the steak he was served, so instead he asks the diner to give him all the bacon and eggs they have. While a bit extreme, his preferences and utility function should be respected in society despite the potential for future health issues.

While on suspension, Leslie buys her officemates Christmas gifts based on their personalities. Ron mentions how he only gives people $20, but realizes how great Leslie’s gifts are and how the office needs to remedy the gift giving imbalance.

Flutes for Zorp!

The Reasonablists are having their end-of-life party in the local park and Ron sees an opportunity to sell his high quality flutes. Because the party springs up without notice, Ron sees a sudden spike in demand.