Spending Federal Funds on Parks

Ron isn’t happy that federal money is being spent on providing common resources for the community


How should a government function?

Ron believes that governments are a waste of taxpayer money and should be run more like private (for-profit) companies.

Who’s a Perfect Worker?

Most firms want workers who are hard working and dedicated, but Ron believes Tom is the best government employee because he doesn’t have those qualities.

Ron’s Idea of the Perfect Government

Ron believes in a very limited government and describes his idea of government as a single employee with the power to start war. This clip can be used to show the extremes of the what role a government should have.

Ron Swanson on Capitalism

Ron and Leslie meet for lunch to settle a bet, but not before Ron extolls the virtues of capitalism and competition in the free market. Leslie, of course, disagrees on the role of government.