Porn on the Cob

Leslie shares her opinion that a vendor at the farmers’ market has a crude display, and cites this as a reason to kick them out.


No Engagement Ring

Ann and Chris decide not to buy an engagement ring because they think it is an unnecessary expense when they could do other things with the money.

Traditional Japanese Breakfast

Jamm bought a table from Benihana for $4,000 and thinks it is worth every penny.


Ron’s Chairs

Ron’s chair becomes popular after being featured in Bloosh, and Annabelle wants to talk about licensing his designs and scaling up production.


Which Bus Tour to Take?

Members of the Parks Department goes to London to visit, but Leslie can’t decide which bus tour to take. She has three options, all starting around the same time and needs to pick one. Ron and April aren’t much help.


Joan’s Opinion

Leslie goes on Pawnee Today and host Joan Callamezzo gets confused about facts and opinions.


Care Package

Ben and April receive care packages from Leslie and Andy. April’s includes Andy’s dirty laundry because she is so much better at doing laundry than he is.