Tom Wants to Quit

Tom has lost his main investor and wants to leave the restaurant industry before really giving it a chance.


Ben’s Considering a Job

Ben’s been offered a job with an accounting firm, but he isn’t as excited about the commute or the carpeting. He’s decided to take a month to think it over.

NBA on Strike

When the NBA goes on strike, Entertainment 7Twenty hires Indiana Pacer Roy Hibbert to play one-on-one basketball at the office for 75% of his salary.

Break Even Analysis

Ben has been asked to help Entertainment 7Twenty manage their finances. His first suggestion is a downsizing of the building and keeping better financials. Unless the firm starts generating revenue, they only have enough cash for another month of operation.

Printing Your Own Money

Ben isn’t sure how Entertainment 7Twenty is generating revenue, but Tom and Jean Ralphio show him their printing press

Producing a Halloween Party

Andy and April are throwing a Halloween party and list off all the things they need to throw a great party. The output is a great party and the inputs are a variety of different items.