Cones of Dunshire

Ben has a week off in between jobs and spends his unemployment creating a complex board game called the Cones of Dunshire.


Soda Tax Layoffs

Kathryn Pinewood explains that a soda tax would lead local restaurants to layoff 100 people. The tax increases the costs to the restaurants and causes them to cut back production.

Are You Better Off?

Leslie is accused of stripping people’s personal freedoms, but there are significant benefits to the community. When determining the appropriate level of government regulation, the costs and benefits of each action need to be considered.

Eagleton Pride

Neighboring city, Eagleton, has decided to build a fence around a small park they used to share with the citizens of Pawnee. Throughout the episode, we learn of various quality-of-life factors that Eagleton excels in relative to Pawnee. Things like obesity, height, income, wealth, and life expectancy are all much higher than in Pawnee, and the citizens of Eagleton want to keep it that way.

The Pawnee Video Dome is Failing


The Pawnee Video Dome is failing and going out of business. Leslie is trying to find tax breaks to keep him afloat, but Ron says the market is telling him is not providing value to consumers and deserves to fail.